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2021-2022 Information 
Pre-enrollment for 2021-2022 Verde K-8 Afterschool will be conducted “virtually” again this year.  To pre-enroll for the 2021-2022 school year, please submit the FY22 Aftercare Pre-Enrollment Form.

This form you complete will provide a time stamp of submission and will be used to contact families to register electronically for the Afterschool Program for next school year.  Completion of this form does not guarantee a space in the program, but will allow us to reliably call families in order of pre-enrollment. 

After being contacted, families will have a FY22 Registration Packet emailed to them to fill out electronically and a link to to pay a $25 registration fee per child.  Packets must be completed and registration fee payment received within 5 business days or the registration will not be processed.  To fully secure a space in the program for next year we must have the completed registration packet and registration payment and there must be no outstanding fees due to the School District of Palm Beach County or Verde K-8 School. 

The 2021-2022 Verde K-8 Afterschool Pre-Enrollment link will become available on Monday, April 5, 2021 and remain active until June 18, 2021.  On June 19, 2021 any new submissions on the pre-enrollment list will be moved to a "Wait List".   It is our goal to continually work to eliminate any wait list by hiring new staff.  Please contact the Afterschool office if you have any questions.

Verde K-8 2020-2021 Afterschool is n
ow on a Wait list. 
The afterschool office is taking wait list names by phone. To add your child to the wait list, please call 561-218-6844.

Upon being called from our wait list, you will then be directed to complete the Afterschool Programs and VPK Wrap-Around Registration form  and $25.00 registration fee per child.  Failure to complete this will release the spot to the next person on the waiting list.

Please note that it is our policy to continuously hire in order to limit or eliminate the waiting list.  We understand how important childcare is to our community and we will strive to welcome all stakeholders to partake in our program.  

If you have any questions or concerns please call our office or email our staff:  561-218-6844/561-218-6843/561-218-6847

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K-5 Fee Schedule FY21

Director- Mimi Schonger,
Assistant Director- Antoinette Ferrara,