Links 4 Kids

Excellent Math site - math quizzes by grade level.

Animals A-to-Z

The Oakland Zoo site, which lists lots of information about many animals, including habits, locales, what they eat, etc.

Astronomy For Kids

Berenstain Bears
All about the famous British Bears, with lots of activities.
The A&E Biography site.

Animated Science, Social Studies and English movies, activity pages and 24 hour school homework assistance via email for Kids
Math Lessons, Brain Teasers, Games, and much more.

Geometry Fun
Devoted to mathematics. Children from all ages can learn about geometric shapes in a 3-D presentation.

Homework Help
The official BJ Pinchbeck homework help site, made famous thru
Great site with links to many inventions

Meriam-Webster Dictionary
Official Meriam-Webster site. Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc.

Interactive games for younger kids to work on their problem-solving skills.

Periodic Table of Elements
Reference of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Create Word Search or Math Puzzles, and get a solution to them too.

Reference Desk
The ultimate reference tool. Look up information on just about anything.

The Dinosaur Dictionary
Information about Dinosaurs.

The Lemonade Stand
This outstanding game uses mathematics and introduces concepts of economics to both children and parents.
This site will connect you to online live tutoring sessions. Do a search for a local tutor in your neighborhood.